Caring for your extendable tables

Caring for extendable table is pretty much the same as with your other typical dining tables. However, here are some additional tips on ensuring that your purchase goes a long way.

Care for the wood

Depending on the material used for the table, different types of care is required.  For solid wood, it is important to ensure that there isn't huge swings in temperature where the furniture is going to be placed.  As wood expands and shrinks, sudden changes in temperature might cause the wood to crack.

Wood top

Medium Density Fibreboard on the other hand, being made from compressed wood, it is more durable in the light of fluctuating temperature.

It is useful to clean them as and when there are dirt of the table.  Immediately wipe and clean with soft slightly damp cloth to avoid damage to the wood.

Keeping hot materials away from the table, or ensuring that protective materials go under those hot food will keep your table going for many years!

Take care of the extension mechanism

If your table comes with extension mechanism made of stainless steel, it is wise to keep your table away from natural elements.  This is to prevent rust on the extension mechanism, which will make it harder to operate in future.  

If you do not usually use the table extended, do make a point to exercise or to use the extended table every now and then.  This has the benefit of ensuring that the extension mechanism still work well and remind us should oiling be required.  Furthermore, this will expose the hidden leaf to the same elements as the rest of the table.  This will ensure that there are greater uniformity of the colour tone of your table.

Extension mechanism

Leaf Care

While the extension leaf remain hidden, we ought to take good care of the extension leaf as well.  If it is an externally stored extension leaf, store it in away from sunlight and harsh elements or damp places. 

Extension leaf


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