Preparing your home for a romance

A little spark in the home is so essential in maintaining a good marriage and lovely home vibe.  When was the last time you had a date with your spouse?  Not after the kids arrive?  Well, it doesn't have to be an expensive date, we've got tips for hot date at home!

Setting the environment

Tidy up the home, spruce it up with simple home decor items such as trays, flowers, table runner.  Light the scented candles or prepare an aromatherapy to ignite the senses.  Choose scents such as vanilla, rose, jasmine which as known to create that conducive sexy atmosphere. 

Gold trays

Music music

A romantic night is one that is enjoyed by both.  A little jazzy music might bring you right into the relax mood.  Put on your own favourite sentimental play list would also get you going.  A little cuddling time and catch up time would be appropriate here. 

Jazzy music

Plan for an activity

What do you enjoy doing together, perhaps it's time to relive that again.  Perhaps slouching of the couch with wine and your favourite netflix romantic movie?  Or cooking a romantic dinner together, something fancy to enjoy together?  Else, jam together with the guitar and some old loved songs?  Your imagination is the limit.

Cooking together

Here's wishing you a romantic Sunday evening.

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