Fabric protector, should you or shouldn't you use it?

Have you heard of fabric protector that shield your sofa against spills and stains?  Imagine not having to worry about having little dirty fingers on your upholstered sofa while your kids are running around?  What freedom would that be.

However, should you or should you not?

Isn't obvious what to do even fluid simply slide off your fabric?  What are the considerations that would stop you?

1) Price Considerations Those Scotchgard are not cheap, a bottle is available online for $20-30 each.  Depending on how big and how much space you would want to protect, you would need more than 1 bottle.  Also reapplication is required annually.  However considering the benefits of keeping your priced possession, this might be a small price to pay.


2) Its effectiveness While some rave over the results, some are not too thrilled.  Effectiveness of fabric protector largely depends on the application of the spray.  Spray generously and evenly especially in areas where you are going to spend most time in.  If you are able to get it professionally sprayed or protected, that's even better, as nothing beats a trained hand.

Spray fabric

3) Safety? Is it safe to use this where there are children or in anyway would it be hazardous?  It is important to use reputable brands as their safety measures are more stringent and would have to satisfy various tests.  As a rule of thumb, do follow the instructions given, spray in a place where it is airy.  Open the windows and make sure you allow the sofa to dry completely. Avoid placing the sofa in flammable areas as common sense would tell us.  Thus far, these products are deemed as safe to use.


So what are you waiting for, isn't your investment worth protecting?


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