Table cloth or not?

Just when do you use a tablecloth, is it practical at all?

Tablecloths can be an added flair and a stylish addition, or it can just a nuisance, just when should you use a table cloth?

1) Use it to cover a less than beautiful table top. Buffet table where it uses a foldable plastic table for example, a less than perfect table condition all warrant a pretty covering that table cloth offer.

Buffet tablecloth

2) Use it to protect the table at certain occasions.  When there are guests or little children around and it becomes a hassle to fuss over your beautiful table, to worry about oil staining your table, flap a table cloth over to protect it.

3) To bring formality to the table.  Tables covered with sufficient length has an aura of elegance and dignity to it.  Cover with formal table cloth when the occasion calls for it.

Formal tablecloth

4) To bring seasonality feel to the home.  When it's halloween, christmas or easter, change the look of your home simply by covering your table with seasonal table cloth.  Bring cheer and joy at the same time. 

Christmas tablecloth


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