How to choose a bookshelf

Choosing a bookcase is not just a matter of what fits your budget.  Rather much considerations are to be taken.  Here are some of our tips on choosing a bookshelf.


What are you going to use the bookshelves for, is certainly an important consideration.  Is it for a display of your collectible toys?  Or is it to store your precious books?  Or would it be more to contain the clutter at home?  

Opting for an enclosed bookshelf would help to hide away all the things you wouldn't want your guest to see.  And not to mention, save you from the hassle of dusting the books or the shelves.  



A bookshelf shouldn't take all the spotlight, but rather enhance the beauty of the items being displayed.  As such, simple and clean lines are usually the safe bet, plus it is also important to coexist with the other furniture in the home.  It is thus advisable to opt for simple styles if you are looking for displaying or showing off your treasures.

Simple bookcase

However, a bookcase can certainly be the center of attention in itself.  In the midst of monotonous colour scheme, there is an opportunity to bring a little emphasis in certain decor item and the bookcase, is such an item. 

Antique bookcase

The above chinese wedding cabinet is such an example.  It is a break from the modern clean white space that the home adopts.  It brings out a unique style of the home owner to choose an ancient piece of furniture not only to store clutter, but also to use as a great storage cabinet.  


If you are for showcasing your wide reading exposure, a strong bookshelf with lots of shelving would certainly be a choice buy.  Do ensure that the bookshelf are made of strong materials such as solid wood, in order to prevent the shelves from giving way to the weight of the books. 

It is also worthwhile to ensure the stability of the bookshelves especially where there are precious little children in the home.  It seems natural for children to challenge the verticality of the bookshelves, they may mistake them as an urban tree!  Thus, ensuring that safety measures such as secure hooks are available when placing the bookshelves at home.  

Finally, while many may choose to custom fit a bookshelf, I am of the opinion that the ability to move a bookshelf around is an advantage that is appreciated in times where a little move or change in furniture location is needed.

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