In space scarce Singapore, it is a luxury to have space for desks.  Yet it is so essential, your own space to study, contemplate, work.  Thus compactness is ever so critical in our country.

Nevertheless, we are never to give up style.  Stylish and functionality have to go hand in hand, that's our philosophy.

Check our desk collection for compact desk, the size of 110 cm.  Small desks are useful to keep discipline to put away clutter and just work with the essential. Add a small lamp, a little plant to freshen the area.  And you are all set. 

Seattle Desk

Go even with industrial style designs, fashionable and compact, why not. With solid wood, beautiful wood grain, working on your desk is always a pleasure. 

City Desk

Check our full furniture for Singapore collection or some of our favourite collections: Outdoor furniture, dining tables Singapore, sofa singapore, Chinese antique Singapore, Home decor Singapore.

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