Important Things To Take Care Of While Moving In Singapore

Moving from one house to another is not an easy process. You need to take care of so many things while doing so. One of the most important things you need to take care about is furniture. As while moving from one place to other furniture and other decor items can get damage. Make sure the way and the mover you are choosing moving your furniture to a new house is more responsible and can deliver your furniture safely.

Pack Your Furniture

Packing is the most important step when you are about to move to a new house. It's important to pack different furniture items accordingly as some of the items need light packing and some need extra cushioning. Start packing before few days so that you can do with your packing on time. As the packing done on time is considered as safe. As the packing which is done in less time is not much reliable. When you are packing sofa or beds these can be packed in light packages whereas dressing tables and mirrors need proper cushioned packing.

Disassemble Large Items

Some of the furniture and decor comprise of different parts which can be disassembled. You can easily move huge items by simply disassembling them in small parts. These parts are easier enough to move and can also keep the whole of item safe from damage. Disassembling things into small portions can decrease your effort as it gets easier to carry because of lightweight.

Never Ever Drag Items

Dragging your furniture is always a bad choice as dragging can cause scratches and scars to your furniture. Wooden items need more care and efforts to remain in good condition. Dragging your furniture can also damage the floor of your house. There are furniture slides available in the market you can simply use them to carry heavy furniture. This makes the movement of furniture easier than before.

Load Furniture In An Organized Manner

In Singapore moving furniture is not easy. But you can make it easier by planning it better and also using proper strategies. Loading the furniture and all other items in an organized manner on the truck or van is important. Keep heavy items separate from light items so that in case if there is any sudden jerk then nothing can get damaged. If you load all the furniture in one truck this will damage your furniture during movement. First, try to place all the heavy items on the truck as this is the difficult one to do and then put light items.

Care For Fragile Items

Use proper cushioning for placing fragile items in the truck so that there will be no damage to these delicate items. In case any of the items is mishandled by any worker this will not get any sort of harm because of proper cushioning. That cushioning can be inside the packing or outside. The main reason for it is only to save the item from damage if any heavy object falls on it.


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