Motivating yourself to declutter

We all need some kind of decluttering, our wardrobe, our table or even our garden.  However, decluttering takes so much time, is there short cut that we can take?

Have a positive attitude

Firstly, let's have a real positive attitude with decluttering.  Imagine a room with space, filled with things that matter to you, things that you treasure.  The psychological effect it has on you, would probably lighten you up already.  So yes, let's begin with the end in mind, set your goal on what you can have.  

Positive attitude

Start one area at a time

Don't be too ambitious.  Start and win small.  Let's think of a small area that you can win first, instead of conquering the whole room or the entire house.  If you are looking at decluttering the wardrobe, why not start with the underwear drawer?  

The towel cabinet at the bathroom, the pile of books in a shelf, all these are good start.  As they said, journey of a thousand mile start with one single footstep, so what are you waiting for?

Start small

Sell them

Our issue is often that we feel it is such a pity to have them thrown away.  Or we think that we can "one day" fit into that skinny jeans.  While there are many rule of thumb on whether we need certain items in our home, one way to motivate us is to get some extra dollars on it.  Sell them at ebay, carousel, make a tidy sum and motivate yourself.  Don't get tempted to buy more items at those auction site though :). 

Sell them

Good luck and stay tuned for more tips.


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