How to clean fabric sofa stain

Sofa stains are a heart ache, you can see your investment going down the drain.  But not to worry, even if you have a toddler running around with a cup of ice cream, all is not lost, there are ways to keep your sofa beautiful for a long time to come. 

REmove stain

1) Treat stains immediately - do not delay, get to work on cleaning stains right on before they sink deeper. 


2) Use clean white cloth -  Always use a clean cloth - you wouldn't want more stains on your sofa.  White cloths are advisable since coloured cloths' colour might potentially run.

White cloth

3) Check sofa fabric cleaning instructions - Most sofa will come with fabric cleaning instructions, check what type of cleaning is recommended.  Some sofa may need professional cleaning, others dry cleaning or simply water with mild detergent. 

For dry clean only fabric - get a dry cleaning solution/solvent, soak the cloth onto dry cleaning solution 

For fabric that allows water - get a mild water soluble detergent (such as dishwashing liquid), soak cloth onto a mixture of detergent and cold water. 

4) Test an inconspicuous area first - If you have the luxury of trying an area on the sofa where it is not so noticeable, always do that.  That will give you the confidence and the assurance.

5) Blot the stain - Try not rubbing the stain, as friction may make obvious the area where cleaning has taken place, causing your sofa to look uneven.  Blot until the stain is gone. 


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