Buying Dining table: What to look out for?

Your dining table is where you entertain guests for a meal during special occasions. It’s also the spot where you, as a family, enjoy dinner together each night. So, it’s only natural that you’d want to find the best dining table out there to suit your home. Instead of buying the first thing you fall in love with, it would be wise to consider your choices carefully. Otherwise, you might end up with a table that doesn’t really work for the room. You might also end up with one that doesn’t last long. So, what should you look for when purchasing a dining table in Singapore online?


Choosing the shape that works for you.  

The shape is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a dining table. You can find a wide range of tables in different shapes at reliable online furniture stores in Singapore.  Rectangular tables are most commonly used since a lot of dining rooms are rectangular in shape.   However, there are more shapes that you can also consider.


Round tables are easy to fit in a tiny corner and should you need to fit more people into the table, they are usually the most flexible to squeeze more chairs when there are visitors.  They are also "corner-less", a feature that parents with tiny toddlers might want to consider.  Do note however, that should you want to fit a larger round table into your home, as the diameter grows, you might need to stretch further for your food, in which case you might to consider having a lazy susan option.

Square tables have been a rather popular option lately.  Instead of round big tables, there are options to choose bigger square tables which adds an unusual modern touch.  Unlike rectangular tables which makes it rather difficult for all round interaction with guests, round tables or square tables keep the people closer together.  You can certainly keep better eye contacts and not miss a joke when you are seated closer together.  As with the round table, you do need to be sure that the square table is not too big that makes reaching for food in the middle of table hard.

Rectangular tables, being the most popular choice remain so.  A small rectangular table is a practical choice for small spaces as it gives elbow space while minimizing width distance.  A rectangular table complements many buffet cabinet setup as well, as such creating a cozy entertaining area for the family.  Not forgetting that there are many rectangular dining tables that are available with the extendable options, this flexibility surely is an added advantage, coming handy when the need for bigger table arises. 


Measure measure measure

Whichever table shape you decide to choose, the next step will be to determine if they fit nicely into the allocated dining area that you want to put it in.  Our recommendation will be to get your hands dirty, take out your measuring tapes and start measurement works.  To better visualize your table at the area, you may even use a masking tape to clearly mark out the area where the table is going to be placed.  Make sure that there is enough space for traffic flow and sufficient space for the chairs' comfortable movement as well.  If you are considering extendable table, you would want to remember to measure the space area to consider the extended table size. 

Choosing the right material for dining table 

Every family wants a dining table that will last for years, which means that you’d need to go for one that is made of sturdy material. Hardwood tables like oak, acacia, teak, maple, and mahogany are usually a good choice. However, you can always go for more economical choices made of engineered or composite wood. Try contacting the store for detailed information on the dining table that you like.

Additionally, glass can also be a great choice because it can complement any décor theme. High-quality glass dining tables are also durable and scratch-resistant, making them just as good a choice as wooden ones. Try to look for great deals at online furniture stores in Singapore, so you can save more money.


Take a practical approach

If you are able to view the table personally before purchase, that will be an excellent opportunity to further confirm your choice.  Here are a few tips while physically checking out the table.

1) Is there enough space underneath the table for you to cross your legs?

Be sure to sit at the table with the matching chair that you have selected.  As you're probably going to spend a substantial amount of time at this table, make sure that you like sitting at the table.  Spend some time sitting, crossing your legs while sitting to ensure that there is sufficient comfortable space underneath the table for your legs.  You might also want to shift around at different parts of the table to check this out as tables could be built differently on its length v.s. its width. 

2) Are there enough elbow & leg space for everyone?

While seated, check if there are enough elbow space to ensure coziness for everyone.  Will your legs have enough leg space to sit comfortably or will you be stroking your neighbors' legs every now & then? Depending on your build and your size, comfort level may differ significantly. 

3) Check out the table in detail

Is the table heavy enough so that it won't move around as you hang around the dining area.  How are the legs of the table built, will its built hinder movement in anyway?  If it is an extendable table that you are looking at, check out how the extendable mechanism work and if they are practical for you. 


Be safe online

A dining table is a long-term investment, so it’s important to diligently weigh your options to make the right choice. When purchasing your furniture online, make sure you go for items that come with a warranty. You should also check the return policy carefully for easy returns if you’re unhappy with the product.

Have you heard of Lemon Laws? These refer to the laws that are aimed at protecting the consumers against any defective goods. Learn about Singapore’s Lemon Laws to keep your investment in online furniture safe. Purchasing from a reputed online furniture store in Singapore is always a fool-proof option but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t educate yourself about your rights.  

Check out also our blog on purchasing furniture online safely.  

Try not to rush into a decision. Instead, take your time to carefully consider each available option and then choose according to your requirements and preferences.

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