Our guide to online furniture shopping

Shopping for furniture is an activity that most couple or even the whole family tend to do together. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it brings you closer as a family.  With the many options out there in Singapore, going from place to place in search of furniture can be quite hassle.  Imagine going from one end to the other, keeping track of selections of furniture, offer prices amongst others could easily tire you out and perhaps gives you the temptation to compromise for something less than perfect so as to shorten the shopping ordeal.  Yes, we've been through that ! 

Shopping for furniture online is the clear solution to this.  Shopping for furniture online in Singapore is your best bet to avoid bad deals and remain completely satisfied with your investment. To make your online furniture shopping experience seamless, we bring you a few tips, so that you feel reassured at every step.

Choosing Furniture Online that Suits Your Taste

Decide together

If you’re asked the question, “what kind of furniture do you like,” you’ll probably be lost for answers. Don’t worry; it’s natural. Sit with your partner and browse through the wide array of options that online furniture stores offer. Of course, you and your partner must unanimously feel “wow” when you look at an item.

Verify furniture size & measurements

It does help to have your measuring tape handy.  Physically measure them to visualize the size of the items to be purchased.  Remember that what appears on the online photos might give you a different perspective and illusion than when it is brought home to your specific home's context.  Thus, it is always important to get up and measure your furniture's dimension at the spot that you want it placed.  Compare them to the available space and wall paint of your home.


First thing first

Always choose the main furniture of the room first and then go about scouting for the rest. For instance, if you’re furnishing your living room, a sofa should be the first order of business and other items like photo frames and TV console should follow later. If it’s your bedroom, your bed should come first and only then your side tables and bed lamps. Approaching online furniture purchase in a stepwise fashion gives you the right direction.


Ask for more information

When in doubt, call up or write to the store for more information.  Most online furniture stores would entertain additional photo requests, close-up snapshots  many more that you can think of. 


Choosing online furniture retailer

After deciding on the prospective furniture to be purchased, here are a few more tips to help you with safe online shopping.  What do you expect while shopping online, things to check and how do you protect yourself against fraudulent retailers. 

Check out the nature of the online retailer

There are many types of online retailers, you might encounter megamart online store which provide for a huge variety of products from clothes to furniture to knick knacks, or you could be presented with boutique online stores that offer interesting niche items.  As with each type of online stores, your service experience could differ significantly.  

It is useful to be aware whether you are dealing directly with the furniture seller or would the online store be more of a third party that direct sales to the furniture seller.  As with each layer of additional party, you would expect the informational flow to be slower and dealing with after sale service could be less than straight forward.  Nevertheless, there are benefits to be able to shop online in the same store for a myriad of things that you might need, after all, it is a great not to be asked to input addresses, credit card information multiple times as we shop around.  

On the other hand, smaller online retailers tend to be more personalized in their services.  They might not be able to provide a full range of products, however they might be more personable in extending their services and attending to your queries.  Dealing with shop owners themselves could be an educational experience as we hear their stories, listen to their heartbeat and absorb their passions in various areas they are immersed in.  It is also here, that perhaps you might be able to find treasures less frequently seen elsewhere.  

Checklist for online furniture shopping

Furniture is, often, an investment for a lifetime. You need to get things right the first time. Of course, you must look for discounts while shopping online but never forgo important aspects listed below.

  • Is there a warranty to guard you against manufacturing defects? Does the warranty last for at least a year?
  • Are the delivery charges reasonable?
  • Is there a return policy if you’re not happy with the furniture?
  • Can you take a look at the furniture physically before you purchase it?
  • Is there a physical address to the online store?
  • Are there any hidden costs to the price tag such as assembly fees?
  • Are there authentic reviews on the store or products from past customers?

If an online furniture store in Singapore comes good with the above checklist, it is right for you. Always remain safe and call up the store or write to them if you have any concerns. Avoid online stores that bring you used or second-hand furniture. You never know; the furniture might have seen a lot of wear and tear. Moreover, you’ll not be protected by the Consumer Protection Regulations of Singapore in case of problems later.

At the end of it, the furniture on display online is going to be a part of your everyday life for a long time to come, so take all the time you need to decide. Happy shopping to you!

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