A Frame Changer

We usually slot photos into photo frames and hang them up or display them on our tables/shelves. Keeping them memories visibly frozen in photos. However, photos frames can also be used to decorate your living spaces in other ways.

Firstly, you can get some scenic photos that you like. Maybe that dream vacation location that you have eyes on, or perhaps the countries that you went for your honeymoon?

Lets try it out with some photos of beautiful beaches and its pristine white sand and oceans of the bluest blue. Think Maldives, Bali and other drop dead gorgeous beaches. Kicked back on a deck chair with a cocktail in hand.. Okay, getting a little carried away here!

These photos sure get people dreaming up a lovely vacation, just whisk me away to a sunny good time already! Will be really suitable for it to go into the guest room, brightens up the mood of your guests.

If you don't fancy scenic photos, modern calligraphy pieces are all the rage now. They could be of meaningful quotes or simply just anything you like. To get a quick last minute deco item done up, simply print out some of these and insert them into the frames.

To add a more personal touch, you can get the artwork done yourself or try your hand at something new! Alternatively, there are many hand-letterer offering custom  pieces. Simply poke around on the internet and you are sure to find many of them.

Since Chinese New Year is here soon, you can also print out some couplets or paintings of fishes and flowers etc. for your frames to decorate your living spaces.

Happy D-I-Y times!

If you like these frames that looks like strips of negatives, you can get them here. Do check out our full range of Home Decor Accessories as well as our complete collection of Furniture for Singapore too.

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