Battle between fabric and leather sofas

Given the many choices available in the market for sofa, the choice between fabric and leather is often discussed. Like many consumers, I believe you will have a tough time deciding between the two options as each of them has both advantages as well as disadvantages. These two different materials differ in various factors such as comfort level, ease of maintenance, durability of colour and fabric, aesthetics, etc. A discussion of the battle between this two materials kicks off below.


First impression comes from the aesthetics, whether are you going for the classy/edgy look that leather sofas provide or the homely vibes that the fabric sofas have. Of cos, it also depends on what type of theme and furniture your home has when deciding between a fabric and leather sofa.

A fabric sofa will match a Scandinavian theme better, its simple, minimalistic yet homely. IF you fancy something swanky, retro or edgy; the leather sofa is a better bet.

So, what do you say, which is your cup of tea?


A fabric sofa tends to fade faster, not to mention it also absorbs fluid spills. Dust mites might also be an issue for fabric sofas. If you are a home builder with active kids in toe, fabric sofas might not be your best choice. You might not want to constantly watch over tiny toddlers while they have their milo, worrying over a potential spill. Or worse still, losing it when a spill occurs.

Leather sofas withstand minor spills better and is hypoallergenic. In a home with rowdy or sensitive kids, leather sofa will possibly be a better option. However, a leather sofa will not be able to fight so well against scratches from pets as compared to a fabric sofa, the scratches will be very prominent and your sofa will begin to lose its charm.

Sofa Position

Where you are going to place the sofa will also be an important determinant in choosing between fabric and leather sofas. Leather typically does not keep well under strong sunlight. If your living room area where you intend to place the sofa is under strong exposure of the sun, a fabric sofa will be a wiser choice. Leather tends to crack under strong elements unfortunately.

If this is not an issue, genuine leather does age nicely, adding natural patina as it matures.

Comfort Level

Depending on your personal preference, some love the natural touch of fabric while others may like the feel of leather. Fabric composition and the make of leather certainly adds dimension to the complication. Typical fabric composition with higher cotton percentage will increase the cooling factor of a fabric. Faux leather or PU leather are less breathable thus may tend to feel stuffy.

In Singapore, the weather is usually hot and humid, do be sure to look into the details of the material composition or try lounging on the sofa in person before purchase. Sofa where you will be sitting on it for long hours enjoying home entertainment, need to be as comfortable to you as possible.


Leather sofas are easier to clean as compared to a fabric sofa, it also dries faster after cleaning so you and your family do not have to stay away from it for too long. On the other hand, to clean a fabric sofa, it is more affordable.

Some cushion covers for fabric sofas are removable, making it easy for you to have it washed. Do not however on the fabric washing instructions as you would not want a shrunken sofa with ill-fitting cushions. Or you may want to consider using scotchgard that will protect fabric against spills/liquid.

Check out the necessary steps to clean the 2 different types of sofa below.


  1. Vacuum with a soft brush attachment
  2. Always try a small hidden spot on the cleaning mechanism before using it on the entire sofa
  3. Dampen a soft cloth with either water or leather cleaning solution, make sure the cloth is not dripping wet
  4. Wipe with the cloth and rinse when necessary


  1. Precondition the fabric
  2. Lightly dust/vacuum
  3. Prepare detergent solution
  4. Spot test the cleaning solvent to ensure no bleaching or discolouring issues exist
  5. Use a steam cleaner or sponge and soap
  6. Remove excess cleaning solvent
  7. Repeat process if necessary


Budget plays a huge role in deciding your dream sofa to have in your homes. You have got to think of the other pieces of furniture that you want to get as well as decor items; not forgetting to take into account of other expenses that you may have too.

Pricing for leather sofas are generally steeper than that of fabric sofas. Depending on the  leather grade, pricing also differs substantially. If you fancy natural looking leather with authentic feel and stain, a higher leather grade will satisfy these criteria. They are worth the price as the leather becomes more beautiful as it matures, adding an inexplicable charm.

Fabric on the other hand, is highly affordable. Should you want to have it in a different fabric colour in future, it certainly would not break the bank.

So, what would you choose?

Nook and Cranny has various selections of fabric and leather sofas. All curated to bring to you fashionable selections for urban living. Come on down today to have a look and feel of our sofas or order them online.

We are located at 39 Changi South Ave 2, #02-02 Singapore 486352.
Operating hours: Tues – Sat; 11AM – 6PM
Contact number: 9383 1176


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