Choosing extendable dining table

Flexibility is a freedom.  Isn't that so true!  Extendable table come is so far forms and designs, they are so handy to have at home.  Transform them when visitors arrive and hide them when you don't need them.  Here are some things to take note of when choosing an extendable table.

Where does the extension leaf being kept?

The extension table has a hidden extension part that is being kept somewhere.  Sometimes they are kept externally with a simple hook on mechanisms.  

External stored extension table

While these are usually cheaper as it uses simple mechanisms without additional parts to the table, we will need another storage area to keep the extending portion.  If you do have a store room and space isn't an issue, this choice will be economical. 

There are, thankfully, various options in the market that store the leaf extension underneath the table.  Whether it is through butterfly mechanism where the leaf fold nicely underneath, or whether it be through a storage system made underneath the table, you are indeed spoilt for choices. 

Butterfly extension table

The type extension mechanism

Check through the extension mechanism and ensure that there are made of good quality hinges and that it is not too complicated.  As with all mechanical items, with age its working may be compromised and may need some maintenance such as oiling.  

Extension mechanism

Check the distance between the legs of the table

Depending on the extension mechanism and the design of your table, the distance in between the table legs may or may not change.  As such it is important for you to pull your chairs to try out the before and after sitting arrangement. 

Butterfly extension mechanism typically work only on the surface of the table.  The table top slide outwards while the leg stay stationary.  This means that the distance between the legs stay the same even though your table gets bigger.  

Seattle Extendable table

Sit around the table to ensure that you are comfortable before and after the extension.  

Other mechanism shifts the table legs as you extend the table.  These will give you that additional space underneath as well. 

 As seen here - the City extendable table

Do you have other thoughts and tips?  Share with us at the comments below.


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