Create a Luxury Minimalist Style in a small living space

Luxury minimalism is starting to gain popularity with this clutter-free era. With inspiration celebrity home styles of Kim K. and Mcgee Studio. 

Minimalism has always been a rather difficult style to achieve as it needs you to constantly edit, clear and throw away any additional unused clutter. It is also a struggle to stop yourself from purchasing an ornate piece of furniture or decor accessory that may not match the minimalist style. But don't fret, choose your favourite furniture but keep the colours to the minimum. Think sleek and fresh.

The luxury minimalist style is not in any way against consumerism or being eco-friendly or being boring. It does not mean getting cheap furniture in all white for everything. It is choosing each piece of furniture thoughtfully and with the functions that you need to go through your daily life conveniently. Luxury minimalism is also about quality in each item you add into your life. Being in a minimalist home will provide you a calm mind which has proven to allow you to be more effective in all areas of your life. And, let's all agree that that is what we need. 

 So stop stressing, here are some tips to achieve this look and maintain it. 


Distract with interesting decor 

Reina lamp vase. Photo credit: Zuiver

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A simplistic design but completely unique. The Reina is more than a vase. She is also a lamp, a jar and a piece of art. The lamp is rechargeable and wireless.


Multi-function furniture


Candace L-shape sofa w adjustable headrest. Credit: Nook and Cranny review

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L-shape: The sofa is the most important investment for the living room so before purchasing the first sofa you fall in love with, think of its practicality. An L-shape sofa is great for maximising the space in the home, allowing more seating while not take as much space as separate seatings. 

Adjustable headrest: Everyone knows that a low back sofa looks a lot more elegant and classy comparing to a high-back bulky sofa. But a low back is not as comfortable as a high-back. Find a sofa that allows you to have both. 

Transformable sofas: For homes that are not able to fit an L-shape due to layout or space constraints, a transformable sofa like a lounger or recliner is a great option as it is compact when not in use while allowing you to expand it anytime you need to. 

Trend tip: Curved edges are trending. Providing a soft organic look that will compliment a minimalist home that tend to give a cold vibe.

If you are looking for Modular,Recliner or even L shape sofas in Singapore here are some links that might help: 

Bring in the light

Bow curved floor lamp. Photo credit: Nook and Cranny

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Analyse your living room and see how you can draw in more natural light into the home. This makes a whole lot of difference in a minimalist home. You want it to feel fresh and airy instead of a sanitised hospital vibe. 

Lighting and lamps: For areas that are never going to see the sunlight, look for slim floor lamps that does not take up much space. Choose an interesting and unique design within your colour theme. 

Mirrors: Mirrors does a great job in reflecting light into the home, place it where you can catch the reflection of the window. Mirrored furniture are unfortunately dated, so avoid this and keep the reflective look for home decor accessories instead. 

Glass or clear accessories: Transparent accessories CAN reduce a cluttered look but be aware of how and what you store inside it. For flower vases, ensure you change the water often. If you are afraid of the glass breaking, acrylics are the next best option. The down side of acrylic or other plastics, it can turn yellow after many years.  

Everything with drawers


Seattle Sideboard. Photo credit: Nook and Cranny

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Closed drawers to store unsightly essential items. A sideboard is a practical piece of furniture to have at home. Usually placed near the entryway or near the dining table. It is definitely a better use of space comparing to a console table. 

What to keep in a sideboard? Just about anything that the whole family uses. For example,

- party dinnerware that are rarely used

- photo albums and other family memorabilia

- toys 

A tall shelf to keep clutter at bay 


Seattle tall bookshelf with drawers. Photo credit: Nook and Cranny

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We all have our knick-knacks that we love to keep. Books, photo frames, vases and other decorative items. The only way to keep it neat and organised is to compile it all together into 1 area to display them. A tall shelf is a perfect way to keep organised 'clutter' together into a curated display. 

Round dining table 


Pilar Round Dining table. Photo credit: Zuiver

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A round table is a versatile and a space-saving piece to have. You can seat on all sides even if it is against a wall. Having curved furniture will also allow simple colours and designs seem more interesting. 

Now that you have discovered these easy techniques, start planning your moodboard and create your dream Luxury Minimalist styled home. Don't be afraid to break any rules as it is, afterall, your home and what you love.



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