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Care & Maintenance

Ever wondered why others are able to use a sofa or dining table for a lot more years than you can? Did your sofa break apart after 1.5 years? Are the water marks on your solid wood dining table driving you crazy? Well, chances are you are abusing the furniture without even realising it.

In this era of mass-produced 'buy and throw away' furniture, we may not be as educated in taking care of furniture properly comparing to the generations before us. If you have family members who are above 65 years old, you can probably see some solid wood high quality furniture and leather sofas in their home that seem to last forever. 

If you are moving into your new home and this is the first few times shopping for higher-priced furniture, make sure you learn how to maintain them.  

Here are some 'must-dos' and 'don'ts'. 

Sofa Structure


Most sofa have a wooden structure inside. And wood will crack and break under pressure. Nails and screws can loosen as well. So make sure you don't jump on the sofas which may even tear leather and fabric. Kids jumping on sofas is the main cause of structures breaking and most of the time this is not covered by warranty as is it considered a 'misuse' of the sofa. Also stop dragging the sofa around, always carry it. Pulling and pushing is a sure way to loosen joints and screws. 

It is also important to purchase a sofa that can support your whole family. Sofas without legs has a more stable structure as the surface area touching the floor is bigger. If you have a long sofa with 'skinny' legs, check if there is support in the middle points of the structure. 

Leather on Sofas


Real leather need maintenance through conditioning to ensure that it lasts and does not crack. Conditioning the leather should be done about once every 3 to 6 months depending on different air and weather conditions. 

The type of conditioners that you should use is a cream or gel type. Speaking from experience, DO NOT use conditioning wipes which has a high quantity of water in its ingredient list. Leather is basically skin. So the logic is when you wash your hands with water, your hands may feel dry after. To keep your hands soft, you use a hand lotion. Hope that makes sense. 

Most leather conditioning creams also claim that it cleans the leather so there is no need to clean the leather before conditioning. 

If you are trying out a new conditioning cream, try it on a small hidden spot on the leather sofa and allow it to dry for 24 hours before you condition the whole sofa. Doing a patch test ensures that the cream is compatible to the type of leather you have. 

Fabric on Sofas


To keep the home sanitised nowadays, the removable/washable fabric covers are gaining in popularity. Before washing them, learn and understand the type of fabric first. Linen, polyester, velvet, microfibres all react differently to washing. Some may shrink, some may crumple just like when washing your clothes.

It is recommended that you hand-wash the covers only once or twice a year. Do not overdo it as it causes pre-mature wear and tear of the fabric. Every single time you wash the covers, it will degrade ever so slightly. Just like clothes do. 

What about stain-resistant and water-resistant fabrics? Fabric is made of fibres so it is breathable to give you comfort. It is nearly impossible for breathable fabric to be stain-proof or water-proof. Fabric protection spray can easily be found in the market to protect your sofa but please be aware that you have to spray it pretty often. It is NOT a one-time activity like most people assume. These sprays cling on the the fabric fibres to protect it. But if the fabric type is a loosely woven fabric, water can still pass through it and onto the cushion filling. 

If you are wondering why there's no sofa that is completely water-proof....well, this is nearly impossible as your sofa have to be made of plastic which probably won't be the most comfortable and will get pretty warm. Imagine wearing a raincoat, you will perspire even when it is raining outside. 

Solid Wood Dining Tables 



Solid wood dining tables are timeless and absolutely stunning. That is why a solid wood dining table is a go-to for most interior styles. But maintenance is key to ensure that it lasts for as long as it should and to have it looking amazing for years to come. 

To maintain a solid wood table, condition or wax it every year or as soon as you start to see signs of wear and tear. The conditioner or wax allows it to be slightly waterproof without the high-shine look of varnish. 

Waxing the table is just as easy and wiping it. When purchasing wood protectors, do a spot test on a hidden area of the table before wiping the whole table. See if you like the finish and feel that it gives. 

Outdoor Furniture


When you’re investing in your outdoor space, you want to keep those new furnishings looking great for as long as possible. For any furniture that's used outdoors, regular maintenance is needed no matter how durable that piece of furniture is. Dirt and mold can accumulate which causes pre-mature rotting and tarnishes metals. It is very highly recommended to have a shelter to protect your outdoor furniture or else.... 

UV rays will also discolour cushions and wood. UV rays protectors are available in most supermarkets and hardware stores. So do invest in outdoor furniture protectors. Treat your furniture with care and it will provide you with years of use. 

There's a whole library you need to know about outdoor furniture. Learn more here: HOW TO CARE FOR OUTDOOR FURNITURE


Now that you have discovered these easy techniques, start planning your moodboard and create your dream home with furniture that will lasts a long time. 



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