Decorate your house with Chinese Antique

Beauty is fleeting or is it? Or as some say, beauty matures as it ages, just like wine.  So fine to the taste, smooth and full as it slowly gain character.  So is Chinese Antique, they get better as they get older.  Here are some of the tried and tested pieces, versatile in the modern homes and profitable in use as well. 

Chinese Sideboards

Sideboards are typically used as a buffet serving cabinet, a storage cabinet or some even use them for shoes cabinet.  Its length and style accommodate much space for your usage.  The Chinese sideboards, similarly, provide ample storage space with authentic oriental flavour. Mix and match them with modern decor, place beautiful bouquet on them.  Fit a mirror on top of them, they will be a signature piece in your homes. 

Shanxi buffet cabinet

TV Consoles

TV Consoles are so essential in any home, bring in a hint of the orient with the unassuming Chinese TV Consoles.  With natural shades, they are easy to blend into your overall home decor.  Those lovely chinese antique handles exude quiet charms into your living area.  

Oriental TV Console

Small Consoles

Small consoles are probably the most popular piece of Chinese antique furniture due to its size and versatility.  Vivacious in colours, it bring out your playfulness.  Bring in your own styles by adding baskets, mirrors, decors on it.  Use it also as a dressing table, it makes one so happy to sit on beautiful lovely tables. 

Small Chinese Consoles


Small items like vase, stools, chairs are a delight to add onto your homes.  These take less room in the house yet add so much fun and style.  Use porcelain stools as seating stools, garden table, side table.  Besides adding colours, they are also pretty practical and easy to maintain.  They are heavy enough not to be toppled by little toddlers so you don't have to worry.  

Chinese stool

What are you waiting for, grab some of these now!


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