Introducing New Interior Design Concept - Japandi

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You must have wonder what is Japandi Concept all about. And if Japandi concept are even a thing. Well let us share with you that Japandi is an actual concept that is slowly gaining its popularity here in sunny Singapore.

Lets peel the Japandi concept layer by layer to understand what its all about and how to achieve the Japandi concept for your home.


What is Japandi Interior Concept?  

Japandi is an interior concept that works like a perfect relationship between simplicity and nature. Bringing the best from two different concepts of the globe - Scandinavia and Japan.

The Japandi concept is all new and novel in the interior design aspect. It's definitely not something you can find anywhere else. The concept delivers a unique place, where one could unwind, relax and also enjoy peace even in the midst of a busy lifestyle of Singapore. Design is the key. From its beautiful interiors to the art installations, Japandi is not just another mundane looking house.


What are Japandi interior main colour palette?

The colour palettes for this concept are mainly neutral and earthy tones. Hence, it's neither rustic nor industrial. It's more like modern but with a touch of the traditional. The colour palette can be varied and customised according to your taste and preferences. But do note that anything too bright, overtly bold or gaudy will make it look too much and away from the actual concept.

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When choosing type of furniture for this concept, look for furniture that are crafted with natural materials and earth tone colours. Avoid busy patterns or bright colour fabrics.

Ivar Modular Sofa

Flow Coffee Table

Flow Table

Hardy Oak SideBoard

Hardy Oak Console Table

You will find a lot of Modern furniture has the same details. So, Modern furniture stores are a good place to start your shopping.Above picture is an example of types of sofa that would be suitable for a Japandi interior concept. 




Photo Credit: onesanhome

With this concept, less is more and so is the case with the lighting. Light sets the mood and the one we are going for is peaceful.  Minimal shape with clean lines, something that contrasts the space rather than overpower, would be a great match. When selecting lamps or lightings, make sure you stay away from metal finishes, especially chrome. Bamboo and other natural fibers are also options for lighting finishes

Not everyone will like Japandi interior theme, which is okay. If you are into bold colours, Japandi will probably not be the design style for you. So what do you think about Japandi concept? Is it a yay or a nay for you?





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