New Home Essentials Checklist for new home owners in singapore

Summer sofa
Summer Sofa. Photo credit: Zuiver
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Wether you're upscaling your house or just bought your very first house, shifting into a new home is always an exciting journey with your love ones. It is where you get to be creative and style your living space according to your taste and lifestyle.

Before you start jumping onto Pinterest and creating a mood board, there are some new home essentials that you should include on your checklist. From living room furniture to items for a home office, read on for a few important furniture items you’ll need to create a functional, beautiful new home that you’ll love for years to come.


Living Room Furniture 

William Jethro Cognac Sofa

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When looking for living room furniture, ensure you already have a concept/theme in mind as this will make it easier for you to select the right furniture. Once that is done, start with the living room first when you plan for your new home, as this is where you'll likely spend most of your time with your family and guests. Besides looking just for beautiful living room furniture, ensure that it is comfortable too. Think of firm support sofas with easy care fabric like Huxton Premium Fabric Sofa suitable for family with kids or cushy fabric sofa that is cosy like our best seller Ivar Fabric Sofa. Indulge your living space with a luxurious leather sofa like William Jethro Leather sofa if you love the luxury feels. For those who have bigger space, consider sectional sofas as it gives you more room to stretch out which is plush and comfortable like Summer sofa as it's perfect for bigger households. 


Hardy Oak Console Table

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Last but not least, coffee/side table and TV Console tables. When choosing a good coffee/sidetable and TV console table, bear in mind that it is not just about aesthetics but practicality too. Think of an appropriate coffee/sidetable and TV console height and width that is practical for your everyday use. 

Stuffs for Your New Dining Room

Jagger Dining Table & Bench, Ace Dining Chair

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When creating your list of new home essentials, don’t forget to include dining room furniture. This part of the home is the best place to enjoy meals together as a family, host family/friends gathering, and make lasting memories in your brand-new place. Select a dining room table that has enough room for your family plus additional guests. If your new dining room is on the smaller side, look for an extendable dining room table that can be made larger when people come over. Match your new table either with a set of matching dining chairs or mix match chairs that reflect a similar style and finish of the table to create a nice, streamlined look.Other items of furniture to include in this area is a nice buffet cabinet or bar sets

Bedroom Furniture

Coco Leather Bedframe

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A brand-new bed and mattress can refresh your mind and your body, and it also makes your new bedroom feel more cosy. A set of nightstands are an excellent choices. This storage furniture gives you a place to help you keep your new bedroom organised. Finish your new bedroom by adding a soft area rug underneath the bed. It’s a great way to add a touch of color and to give your feet a comfy surface to step on when you wake up in your brand-new home.

These are some of the essential furniture checklist for new home owners. Once your essential furniture checklist has been sorted, it's time for you to start on your moodpboard and bring your designs to live!

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