New year new sofa

Two new sofa designs have just hit the store. The edgy looking Duke Sofa as well as the Valda which looks more relaxed and homely. Stepping into the new year, if you are settling into a new home or giving your crib a new look, why not consider getting a new sofa. A sofa being one of the largest item in the living room area will instantly make the space look different.


Duke Sofa

The Duke sofa will up the cool factor of your living room with its full looking structure and gorgeous cut. How can anyone resist its edgy vibes? Not forgetting the fact that it will sit really well with our wide range of furniture of industrial design.

Check out all the different Dukes we have or come visit us at our new warehouse!

Valda Sofa with Ottoman

With soft rounded edges and thick cushions as well as armrests, it’s a total treat to lounge on this piece of couch after a long day. There is the flexibility to place the ottoman on the left side or right side so that you can fully stretch out your legs. Alternatively, the ottoman can be used as coffee table too. It is a large and spacious 3-seater which is able to fit a family comfortably.

Bring home a Valda sofa today.

All our sofas are customisable in terms of the material, we have both fabric and leather options to suit your needs and taste.

Visit us at our new warehouse location or shop our full range of furniture for Singapore collection.

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382 reviews
Flow Dining Table L150

Great value great design. Minimalist which is what we are looking for. Very prompt service from Calvin. 👍

Received Good Reviews

The sofa compliments the space of my living room well. Not only does it look good but also comfy to sit on! Overall, I am happy with the purchase. Nook & Cranny was most helpful. I purchased the set online and they took the time to contact me and explain (with photos) the height difference between the ottoman and the sofa set which I did not notice. Such professional service!

Thank you, Nook & Cranny!

I am happy! (^^)

Bbautiful color!
This chair is comfortable.
I am happy!!!

Absolutely love it!

I could not be happier with this table, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it. It’s a proper piece of furniture, great with the drawers etc but made so fun,
Modern and youthful by the hot pink colour! Out of the 2 pics N+C use to show the table, the one with the dark wall behind is the most true to the colour in real life I would say, very similar but the table in the pic with the dark background is a more vibrant pink, which it is. Also, it is delivered as it is- no assembly required which is a massive bonus. Really love it!!

Chinese Console Table

The bright colour, pop's up with my grey wall.