Perfectly Imperfect Furniture - Au Natural

Here at Nook & Cranny, we love the good ol' real furniture made of natural materials..yes, flaws and all. These patterns and markings are in no way a defect. 

There are 3 types of people in the world. 

1. Who loves and appreciate the natural look and aesthetic.

2. Who loves perfection and flawless man-made items. 

3. Who loves something that's in between. 

Which one are you? 


Our wooden furniture shows all its natural grains, knobs, holes and various colour tones. If you want a natural wood furniture that is flawless and perfect, you will not find it here. 

What cause these marking?

Let’s look at them in greater detail to learn more.

  • Straight grain: A straight grain pattern means the fibrous components, as well as the cells, run parallel to the tree trunk vertical plane
  • Irregular grain: Irregular wood grain mostly happens around knots, making the lines irregular and sporadic
  • Diagonal grain: Diagonal grain, usually the result from the inability of the straight-grained log to be sawn parallel to the vertical axis
  • Spiral grain: Spiral grain which comes due to twisting of the fibers around the tree trunk
  • Interlocked grains: Interlocked grains occur when different layer of the wood are moving in different directions
  • Wavy grains: A wavy grain will appear when happens when the direction of the fibers constantly change
  • Age rings: As the tree grows, it creates a ring pattern that tells the age of the tree. 
  • Knots: As the tree grows taller, the crown shades older and lower branches so they tend to die off and are subsumed by the increasing girth of the trunk.
  • Wormholes and bird pecks: Being in nature, trees interact with insects and animals. These does how affect the integrity of the wood and these scarring are natural. 

Character marks distinguish your table even further.  These include ingrown knots, scars/marks left by the insects that lived on the trees the wood was sourced from. Trees are the habitat of birds as well, so you will see peck marks on these wood. 

Imperfections are what bring out the inherent beauty in your real wood table.  These set your table apart from all the other cookie cutter laminate/plastic choices out there, and will become the most talked about piece of furniture in your home.

If you have seen near-perfect solid wood pieces, these are probably sanded down, holes are filled with plaster and polished or painted over to remove any discoloration and grain patterns. This type of finish is a completely different type of furniture and aesthetic. 


You may see some wood joinery on large solid wood slabs. A popular design of joinery is the bowtie or butterfly joint. Read more about the butterfly joint. 


If you like the natural wood look but don't favour the deep knots and holes, you can choose wood veneer instead that uses a thin layer of real wood on top. The core structure of the item can vary from MDF, plywood, metal etc. 


Patterns such as grain variation, skin folds, wrinkles, and even scars of original hair follicles are inherent in leather; and are not defects. Remember that leather is part of a cow that lives outdoors and interact with other elements like insect bites, wounds and scars. If the leather you have looks perfect, it means that is heavily processed to remove the natural looks. Or it could be faux leather which is made from plastic/latex. 

There are many types of leather and leather grades in the world. From faux leather to bonded leather to aniline leather. Do your research before buying a leather item. 

View our perfectly imperfectly natural furniture at Nook and Cranny.

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