How to Fluff a Feather-filled & Cloud Sofa

So you fell in love with the soft comfort of snuggling up with a good book and cup of coffee on your feather-filled sofa, yet long after you have moved on, your imprint in the cushions remains. Down pillows, unlike their synthetic foam counterparts, do not bounce back to their original shape, fluffing is required. This is similar to using a feather head pillow that you use for sleeping. To counter this effect, plan to fluff your pillows back to their original shape as part of your regular house maintenance. 

Large Pillow Fluffing

1. Hold the pillow upright in one hand, perpendicular to the floor. 

2. Strike the pillow with your other hand. Aim for the lumpy sections of feather clumps.

3. Rotate the pillow as you continue to strike the pillow, allowing the down to fill all the areas of the cushion.

4. Replace the cushion on the sofa. Smooth out the fabric with your hand for a uniform appearance.

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