Styling Inspiration: How to Style a White or Beige Sofa

A white or light coloured sofa has always been a dream for many to have when you are shopping for the home. The colour white creates an airy and clean look in your living room but the 'white elephant' in the room is how difficult it can be to maintain it's white and crisps look. 

But with interior designers recommending light colours sofas to create a beautiful elegant interior and also made extremely popular by the Mcgees, we all still want a white sofa despite it being the hardest colour to maintain!

Here's some tips on how to style and also the maintenance that comes with it before deciding on a white sofa.


A white sofa is easy to style into a home as it is a neutral and can pretty much compliment almost all colours. With any colour, there is a warm or cool undertone and you will need to identify this so you can get the right complimenting furniture. 

What is a warm undertone: 

A warm undertone usually have a yellow/orange tinge to it and will compliment golds and orangey brown furniture. This warm white will create a cosier atmosphere. Most beiges are also considered a warm colour.

What is a cool undertone: 

A cool undertone usually have a blue tinge and will compliment silvers and ashy coloured furniture. Cool white may seem less cosy but creates a very up-to-date or minimalist feel. Most greys are also considered cool. 


The lighter the colour, the harder to maintain as any stains or spills are visible. Leather would be easier to maintain then fabric. Standard sofa leathers are protected and uniform in colour to keep it looking clean and new.

Note that premium leathers are usually not protected to bring out the patina and the authenticity of the leather. 

For white leather: 

White leather are usually protected leather which is also a standard grade of sofa leather being used. Standard sofa leather is also a lot easier to maintain than higher grades of leather.

White leather are often not the highest grade of leather because in order to change the natural colour of leather, the leather will need to go through a variety of processes to become white. Higher grade leathers go through less chemical processes to provide the authentic look and in order to do this, a high quality leather must be used - this is a reason why it is pricier. Most high grade leather needs regular maintenance and care due to little to no layer of protection. 

For white fabrics:

There's millions of options for white fabric, from polyester to linen to velvet. Most comfortable fabrics are breathable, absorb spills and dirt so knowing how to maintain it is very crucial. You can opt for water-repellent fabric but usually, these fabrics are a little rougher than unsealed fabric.

With new technology being introduced everyday, the best option to have a soft fabric and manually make it water-repellent at home using a waterproof spray like Scotchgard or any Nano Fabric Spray widely available in a supermarket.

If you are still not confident in getting a white sofa, go for a safer colour like light beige or light grey which can still provide the same airy and light feeling in the home. 

Here are some winning white and neutral sofas in Singapore that's customisable in a wide variety of colours. 


If you are looking for Modular,Recliner or even L shape white sofas in Singapore here are some links that might help: 






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Sofa Singapore
Your living room is the place within your homes where you spend time relaxing and enjoying the company of your loved ones.  Thus, a sofa is one of the largest pieces of furniture in that space has so much to offer. After a long day, sink right into your sofa for some home entertainment to unwind or simply catch a short nap.  This is a place where memories are built, wiping a tear from a moving scene in a sitcom, sharing a cuddle with the little ones or enjoying an intimate bonding time with your loved ones, all built around the sofa!
Choose a sofa that fits into all occasions, private moments or social occasions.  Sofa that relaxes you, putting you straight into the chilling mood with a favourite book in hand, soothing music in the background, cushions lining your sides.  Sofa that easily transforms your peaceful sanctuary into a lively entertaining area for your guests, making them feel right at home.  
Comfort and style are essential in making this space a treasured abode, a place that reflects your unique individuality.  Choose from our wide range of sofa styles, fabric or leather selections, ever ready to meet your distinct needs.  Have them with a storage solution to optimise your precious living space, declutter your home with cleverly hidden storage space.  
You may also want to pick out other pieces of furniture or accessories to match them to your sofa.  A coffee table or perhaps a TV console will go well together.  Fabric and leather sofas are pretty versatile, you can match them to other furniture of different materials to create a different look or theme for your living space.
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