Joyful Deepavali

Wishing you a joyful, restful Deepavali Holiday!   Featured here: Gold feathered tray, perfect for accessorising you...

Christmas Sofa

S-A-L-E, is that your favourite 4-letter word? Does it get you excited? We are having a Christmas Sale for our sofas...

Celebrate Hari Raya With A New Sofa

It is approximately 3 months before we welcome Hari Raya in at the end of June this year. Think its time to change y...

Space Utilisation

Have additional space above your storage furniture? Display home decor pieces on top of them to glam them up further.

Where to find leather sofa in Singapore

So you’ve decided to get a leather sofa, are you now thinking of where you would get them from?  We’ve compiled a li...

Play host

Although Chinese New Year is over, you can always still organise gatherings at home for your friends and family. Wha...

Goodbye Chai Chee & Hello Changi!

We've moved, it was with joy as well as a lot of gratefulness. Come visit us at our new home..
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