Friday Frenzy

It's Friday and it's the weekend soon.  You're exhausted from day to day work and can't wait for the weekend to arrive.  Yet you still have few more hours to go.  This is what you can do to make the most of your precious Friday in the office

Walk around

It's a good time to invest in getting to know your colleagues more!  Chatting with them not only build up relationship, it is essential to a conducive office environment.  With many companies practising a dress-down Friday, people tend to be more relax, more open to small chats.  Be friendly, ask them about their plans for the weekend, throw a little compliments here and there, it will go a long way!


Tie up the loose ends

Friday isn't quite the best time to start a new project, to plough too deep into problem solving.  However, it is too precious to squander it away.  Tie up the loose ends that you might have accumulated throughout the week.  Perhaps return the phone call from your supplier, reply to non urgent emails that have been shelved the past week.  Catch up on those motivational or informational reading that you know are important but just doesn't cut it for the Mondays of the week.  These will prepare you for a fresh week ahead, make you feel great about yourself and certainly put a nice end to the week.

Phone calls

Get Reorganized

Won't it be nice to start on Monday to a clean desk, organised mail box?  Organising your work area, filing those documents away, throwing those unnecessary info-doc, clean your table are just some examples.  It is amazing how accomplished we feel once we declutter, reorganise.  You are investing on your productivity the coming week, definitely something we should not neglect.  Better still, plan what your tasks for the week ahead.  


Hope these tips will make feel awesome and ready to go for the coming weekend.  If you're still looking to furnish your home, visit us this weekend.

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