Shopping for Furniture in Singapore

Yes, it's Saturday, you've got many things on your to do list, considering the new house you've gotten.  How do you organise your time to optimise your furniture searching?  Well, we all have so little time yet so much to consider when purchasing a piece of furniture.

Decide on your style for the home

Firstly, there are just so many different types of styles of furniture that are in the market.  Before shopping for furniture, it would help if you already know the type of style that suit your lifestyle, the type of decoration that you love.  Looking through magazines or instagram with various home furnishing hastags is a good start.  Keep those pictures that you love, share them with your loved ones to hear their feedback. 

The challenge about furniture shopping is that it impacts the whole family and thus every family member should be entitled to their say.  That's where the complication comes in.  It is a prudent choice to discuss the matter before going to the store, as a basic common understanding of style would help tremendously in making your search effective. 

Do your research

After having your basic understanding of what you're going for, it's time now to do your research on where to find those furniture style.  It's hard going window shopping for furniture as you may end up travelling long distances with little reward.  Doing a little bit of research on your own might go a long way.  Checking online is a good option.  Look through the available catalog, check through the comments and reviews.  

Going to furniture mall is another good option.  As many styles are available at the furniture mall, spending an afternoon doing excursion there might be worth your while.

Online furniture

Check for the details

Before committing to a purchase, do ensure that you have check through the nitty ditty details of buying those furniture.  Is there warranty, is there financing plans, what about delivery, are there any fine prints?

Hope you enjoy our tips, view also our full furniture for Singapore collection or some of our favourite collections: Outdoor furniture, dining tables Singapore, sofa singapore, Chinese antique Singapore, Home decor Singapore.

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