5 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Luxurious

The Pilar round breakfast table. Photo credit: Zuiver
The idea of a luxury home is subjective depending on your personal style and likes. Someone who loves a traditional style room will think a home decorated with chandeliers, boiserie, tufted settees and heavy velvet curtains. What else?  Is your dream luxury lounge area a modern large space surrounded by artisanal blown glass vases and low-back linear sofas plus sleek accent chairs. Whatever your ideal room might be, here's some ideas of how you can achieve a luxurious and 'expensive-looking' home without overwhelming your space with 'stuff'.
You may have visited a friend's or relatives' home and gotten a few ideas. Or maybe you were inspired by moodboards and Pinterest. 
We have explored high-end decor ideas, stunning furniture and full-proof techniques along with some options that you may not have thought off yet. 

Artisanal Pieces 

The Chisel sideboard cabinet. Photo credit: Dutchbone

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Artisanal products can be anything from a living room accent chair/stool to an entryway console or sideboard. The styles of these items vary from modern and contemporary to antique, rustic and bohemian.

Being in Asia, there's also a huge variety of beautiful artisanal statement pieces inspired by countries like India, China, Indonesia and many other asian countries. South-East Asia is also well known for hand-crafted furniture and accessories. Chinese antiques, Balinese style and traditional Indian furniture are highly popular and will continue to be due to it's uniqueness. 


A Work of Art

Discover inspiring artwork at 8 Haji Lane. Photo credit: Samantha Redfern

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Having a one-of-a-kind masterpiece in your homes are one of the best ways to add vibrancy to a home. There are a handful of artists in Singapore that you can explore when looking for that one special piece. You will know it when you see because it WILL be love at first sight. 

We love vibrant impressionism style art which are timeless and lifts up the vibe of any room. If this is what you want to achieve in your home, be awed and amazed by the talent of Samantha Redfern. 

British Born BA Hons Fine Artist Samantha Redfern lives and works in Singapore. She produces colourful, vibrant and exciting contemporary abstract paintings. She has a strong relationship with colour and uses it to create bold, eye catching works. Playful and full of details and charm her works have been exhibited in Asia and Europe and she has collectors worldwide. Samantha’s favourite medium is acrylic.

Her goal is to make artworks that bring a sense of joy and optimism to her audience and collectors. Exhibitions include The Affordable Art Fair, Bank Art Fair and Art Kaohsiung. Samantha works closely with a number of galleries and agents in Asia and Germany.


Carefully Curated Colours

A touch of orange and green featuring the Summer Sofa. Photo credit: Zuiver

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Editing your colour scheme carefully is probably the most important area that you should NOT skip. Choose a maximum of 4 colours that you love - 2 neutrals and 2 bright colours. When shopping for furniture and home decor accessories, try your very best to keep within the colours that you have chosen. Different hues of the colour is allowed, for example if you like the colour green, you are free to have light greens, dusty greens, dark greens etc. 

Even if you are going for the eclectic style, mix different materials rather than different colours to keep the look from getting too cluttered. 


 Designer Pieces that does the Most

The Storm table and Flodka shelf. Photo credit: Zuiver

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Consider splurging on 1 designer furniture. Something that you can pass down from generation to generation and have a piece of history to it. Make sure it is a piece that does the absolute most for you and not a piece that is only aesthetically pleasing. 
For example, this Storm dining table by Zuiver (Netherlands) are designed beautifully with curved edges. Those with kids would be thankful for this. The legs are positioned at the very edge of the table so you can maximise the seating area when you have friends and family over. Beauty should never compromise it's function and this is true for all furniture in your home.  
The Flodka multi-way shelf/console is another great piece that ensures design and function works seamlessly together. It's 4 pieces combined together which can be separated into individual pieces. It looks just as stunning together and individually.

Vibing with Lighting

Cosy glow of the Archer and Woodland floor lamps. Photo credit: Dutchbone

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Achieve a cosy vibe with floor lamps and other soft glow lights. This is a simple way to create a luxurious feel in the home during evenings. Remember that feeling you had when staying at a hotel, you can easily achieve that with this tip. Extra points goes to statement lamps that elevates the room decor rather than just provide lighting. 
Now that you have discovered these easy techniques, start planning your moodboard and create your dream home. 



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