Guide to Online Furniture Shopping

Online shopping for big ticket items can be daunting. How can you ensure you are buying a piece of furniture that is accurate to what is shown in a thumbnail photo online? 

Disclaimer: For any item bought from an online store, you will need to understand that with different lighting, photography style and also your computer monitor settings will affect how it is viewed from your screen at home. This is unavoidable as everyone has their preferred settings on their computer/mobile phone and also digital touchup to photos will need to be done to ensure the images creates the move attractive version of the product. 

What you can do to help you make an informed purchased of the exact item that you have 'imagined' when looking at online photos? 

Just remember this 3 important online shopping process.





What to look for when shopping for Sofa


Tip #1 Choose your Style

What's the style of your home? Is it modern, traditional, industrial, boho, minimalist...? From here, you can easily decide what is the shape and aesthetic look of the sofa that you need to be looking for to ensure it matches the rest of your living room. 

Modern: Look for shapes that are sleek and unique (Andre Sofa)

Traditional: Choose a design with tufted cushions and wooden elements (Duke Sofa)

Industrial: A distressed leather material with metal legs (Claude Sofa)

Boho: Unique shaped sofa with patterned material/textures (Yucatan Sofa

Minimalist: Straight and clean lines (Candace Sofa)

Luxury: Textured premium leather with shapes that are uncommon (William Sofa)



Tip #2 Measure the maximum space available

Measure the EXACT size of the space that is available for the sofa. Avoid 'guessimating' the space available. Measure edge to edge and do not leave any spaces if possible. To be accurate, you can use masking tape to tape our the size of the sofa that you are interested in, this will give a sense of how much space that is left. Small furniture makes a room look cluttered so it is advised to have bigger furniture to create a well-planed focal point. This is especially important when you have a smaller room. And despite the well-known myth of small furniture makes a small room look bigger, this is completely untrue. This bring us to tip #3.....

Tip #3 Don't be afraid to go BIG

If you have a smaller space, go for bigger furniture but in minimal quantities. For example, get 1 large sofa rather then a 2 Seater with additional accent chairs. Get 1 large wall art, rather than many smaller photo frames. Get a fairly large coffee table with storage underneath. You get the point..


Tip #4 What material suits your lifestyle

Sofa materials are usually customisable into a variety of options. Different types of fabrics and leather are often available in most furniture stores.

If you have young kids, it is advisable to have a water-repellent fabric that wont lead to stains. If you love the nostalgic look, a premium aniline leather will produce beautiful patina.

In general, leathers last longer than fabric but maintenance and conditioning is required to extend it's life for as long as possible. 

Pros of FABRIC

  • Inexpensive
  • Variety of bold colour available
  • Soft and comfy
  • Has a water-repellent option
Cons of FABRIC
  • Easily torn and stretched
  • Fibre can collect dust/hair easily
  • Aesthetically less luxurious

  • Has many grade options at different price points
  • Most are waxed to have a slight water-resistant effect
  • Easily to clean
  • Looks luxurious 
  • Cooling on the skin
  • Requires maintenance using leather conditioner (once in 3-5 months)
  • Costs a lot more than Fabric
  • Limited colour choices for higher grade leather
  • Different grades can be confusing for shoppers


Tip #5 Compare price VS. quality 

There are endless options available in Singapore. Do your research and get the best deal for your dream sofa. Follow your favourite furniture brands so you are able to see their current promotions. 


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We believe that our homes are a reflection of who we are.  We celebrate the fact that each of us are unique and desire to dress our homes in different styles.  With these beliefs in mind, we aspire to provide furniture and home accessories selections that bring out that individuality in each of us.  We love selecting rugs, lamps, paintings, photo frames that we would be proud to share with our loved ones.  At the same time, we endeavor to deliver value to our customers through the convenience of online furniture shopping. 

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