Which Leather Grade should I Choose?

Choosing the right leather type for your and your lifestyle is crucial. As leather in general can be exorbitant in price comparing to fabric, ensuring you know what you are purchasing and also having a sofa that can last for years can be an intimidating shopping experience. 

We have categorised our leather so it is easy to understand the grades available and what's suitable for you. 



All the leather options are real leather with the exception of ‘half-leather’. There are different grades of leather you can choose depending on the look you want to achieve and also the maintenance level that you are willing to put in. ‘CAT’ refers to the Category level of the leather type, a higher number is higher in grade (closer to it’s natural state with lesser treatments done to it). 



Our Jethro leather is a full-aniline and full grain leather which is the highest grade leather that’s available. If you love the natural look of leather and how it ages, gaining patina (natural blobs of shine and sheen) over time, this is made for you! As these are most natural-looking leathers, but beware it is also more susceptible to scratching, fading and staining. Is the way to go if you want something that will last and grow in character over the years.



This is a more stain resistant, maintenance-friendly leather sofa. In terms of quality and durability, this premium quality top grain is almost comparable to the CAT 45/Jethro. It goes through an immaculate process  to look as close to it’s natural state as possible. This category is also known to develop some patina over time and is able to last from generation to generation is well-maintained.

The premium leather has the best value for money. You still get a premium quality leather, which is the leather of choice by many luxury brands. It has the best of both worlds and our top pick!


LEATHER (CAT 10 & CAT 15) 

Our standard leather is the most durable and commonly used. This grade of leather are treated with pigments and therefore concealing more imperfections of the natural look of top grade leather. It’s colour coating is uniform and usually a solid colour, this process also allows the leather to be more protected. This makes it highly durable and easy to maintain. When you choose a ‘Half-Leather’ sofa, it consist of our standard leather for the top and front parts of the sofa (or the parts that are touching your skin when sitting on it) while the sides and back are made of the matching faux leather. This is a popular option to keep costs low and honestly, it is undetectable… it flows seamlessly together. It is also a great option if you have the sofa against a wall where the back or sides are not exposed. 


If you are wondering what is the difference between CAT 10 & CAT 27 leather, here are some links that might help:






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