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Every household probably have a desk and workspace by now. Were you part of the 'rush-buy' last year and now you find that the workspace you have is just not working out?

Now that you have the time to improve the workspace for you or your child, let's plan out an efficient and motivational area. Get rid of that eye-sore shaky tiny desk right now, you deserve better. 

The first things you need to identify and ask yourself: 

1) Is the workspace in your living room or study room?

2) Do you need more storage? 

3) Is your current desk too small? 

4) How much space do you have to carve out a workspace area? 


Barbier desk (Natural/Walnut). Photo credit: Zuiver


Having a desk in the living room is more common than you think. So rather than taking it as a temporary workspace that you may remove in the future, create a beautiful and neat desk area that you will be proud to have it part of the living room.  

Desks that can be covered are great options although it are quite a rare find these days. Inspired by vintage desk design, the Barbier desk by Zuiver can be hidden with roller covers with just a simple push. Keep your documents or mess  under covers when guests are around. 

This design is suited for laptops and those who prefer minimal storage. 


Finn Secretary Desk with privacy panel. Photo credit: Dutchbone


If you get clients in your home and want an aesthetically-pleasing workspace to discuss business, consider a desk that is unique while still looking professional. A privacy panel is great to block out any documents that you do not want exposed. It is also the perfect corner to add photo frames or a mug of coffee that would not fall off accidentally.  

Relive the elegant and luscious atmosphere of the 1920s while chatting with clients. The stunning Finn desk is made of lacquered solid ash wood. Discover the round and organic shape of the green velvet privacy panel which looks breathtaking from all angles. 


Seattle drawer desk. Photo credit: Nook and Cranny Singapore


If you have your desk in your bedroom, you can also use the desk as a vanity area. But make sure you keep it organised. Drawers are useful for keeping pens or cosmetics. To create a vanity desk, just add a mirror!

For work areas, a bookshelf placed nearby is a must. Keep documents and inspirational items here to keep you motivated and ready to go!

Seattle desk with mirror. Photo credit: Nook and Cranny Singapore


The Seattle desk comes in 2 different sizes (2 drawers/ 3 drawers). There is also a large mirror option that makes a perfect multi-functional vanity/work desk. With stunning solid wood grains with sleek modern design, the Seattle desk is a charming piece to have in the home. 


If you prefer a sleek minimal desk fuss-free desk, choose something that has a large working surface where you can get organised. Minimal does not mean boring so a warm and calming vibe can get your mind focused for the task at hand. 

The city table is a simple piece that can be placed in the study room and it is simple enough to have it as a multi-functional space in the living room as well. Desks are usually the same height as dining tables, so a small studio home or room can benefit from a simple desk that multi-function as a dining area as well. 




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